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As you've seen from our business law page and throughout our website, we're passionate about helping you succeed in business. Proper maintenance of your business is critical in this competitive and litigious environment.

Protecting your personal assets from the businesses liabilities is vitally important. In corporate entities it means following certain formalities, respecting the entity by keeping business and personal finances separated, and representing your form of business properly.

Compliance with laws and regulations is critical as well. In California there are thousands of regulations on businesses including labor laws, environmental regulations, and safety regulations.

Strategic planning for taxes is one way to maximize the profits and success of your business. Our professional team will work closely with your accountant(s) to ensure you optimize the allocation of your income. 

Buy/Sell Agreements are vital for any situation where there is co-ownership in a business. Running a business is really tough and what started out as a great friendship and working relationship can easily deteriorate. If you are in a situation where you or your partner want out or don't think you can work together then you'll certainly benefit from some assistance in resolving the situation.

We represent over 600 corporations and over 200 partnerships. We can share our experience with you and work with you on your business decisions.

We work with some wonderful business and would love to have you join us to help maximize your success and carry some of your burden of running a business. Feel free to contact us at 1.209.521.6260 and see if one of our business attorneys would be the right fit for your team.

Based in Modesto, CA with a location in Sonora, CA, Gianelli Nielsen, PLC serves clients throughout California.

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